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Application Examples
春龙智能电动拧紧机可广泛应用于汽车及各种机械装配业中大量螺栓的拧紧。如汽车装配中的车轮螺栓、底盘U 型螺栓、钢板弹簧、传动轴、万向节等工位螺栓的拧紧;如发动机装配中飞轮、连杆、气缸盖、主轴承盖、凸轮轴、变速箱等工位螺栓的拧紧;如坦克装配中履带工位螺栓的拧紧,等等。拧紧精度可控制在:扭矩精度±3%F.S.,角度精度±2°以内;拧紧速度控制15 秒以内;拧紧力矩在20N.m ~ 2000N.m 内任意设定;使用寿命不小于100 万次;工作噪音不大于75 分贝。

Applied Case
Chunlong Intelligent Tightening Machine is widely applied in bolt screwing of automobile and other machinery assembly industry, such as work positions of wheel, chassis, leaf spring,transmission shaft and cardan joint in automobile assembly and work position of cassette sprockets,connecting rod,cylinder cap, main bearing head, camshaft and gearbox in motor assembly.
Torque accuracy is ±3% F.S. Angle accuracy is ±2°. Torque range is able to be set freely between 20N.m and 2000N.m.The service life is no less than 1000000 times. Noise is lessthan 75 dB.