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Industrial Control Software  工控软件
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Industrial Control Software

具有自主知识产权的CLKZ 系列主控软件及NUT 系列监控软件系统。全新的CLKZ2013 主控软件存在于春龙精选日本或欧洲进口主控单元内。它采用全新的控制算法,加入了目前实时控制技术中较为先进的自动循环PID 调节系统,使控制精度得以大大提高。同时由于采用了全新一代的数字控制模块,使拧紧速度得以大大提升,从而使整个设备更好的满足用户需求,跟随并超越国际同行业的领先水平,同时保持春龙牌拧紧机控制方式的独特性。

NUT2013 软件是春龙自主开发的智能电动拧紧机实时监控管理软件。可完成对多轴扭矩及角度等参数的设定、拧紧过程的实时监测、监控及工作过程数据的存储与管理等功能。本软件运行于windows XP 平台,显示内容丰富直观,人机界面友好,易于学习掌握。强大的在线“帮助”功能使操作者在使用和维护中可随时得到支持和帮助。

Industry Control Software

There are proprietary intellectual property rights for CLKZ series main control software and NUT series monitoring software system. Completely new CLKZ2013 main control software is set in main control unit imported from Japan or Europe, which adopts completely new control algorithm and improves control precision greatly, Automatic cycle PID regulating system, the most advanced in real-time control technology, is added into CLKZ2013. A wholly new generation of digital control module is also used, because of which, tightening speed is greatly promoted, Thus the whole equipment can better meet customer’s requirement.
NUT2013 software is independently developed real-time monitoring management software for intelligent electric tightening machine, It is able to set multiple –shaft torque and angle, monitor and measure in real time during tightening process, as well as store and manage data of working process. This software is running on Windows XP platform with rich and intuitive display. Friendly human-computer interface makes operation easy to learn. Operators can get support and help in use and maintenance with powerful online assistance function.