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 Capabiliyt Introduction 性能简介
∷  性能简介
Capabiliyt Introduction
∷ 系统可靠性强统
春龙拧紧机系统的主控计算机、伺服驱动器、伺服电机、扭矩传感器等关键控制部件采用进口产品,对振动冲击、尘埃、温湿度及电磁干扰等工作环境适应性强,关键控制部件工作寿命确保在100 万次以上,同时不丢失拧紧精度。

∷  轴变位,满足不同工位拧紧需求

本系统对主控制软件(CLKZ2013)和监控软件(NUT2013)进行了精心设计,能根据螺栓材质的软、硬及配合的松、紧程度,自动调节拧紧速度,并采用了有效的抗干扰措施,从而保证了各种螺栓拧紧力矩的精度。在不采用气扳机预拧紧的情况下,可直接进行大扭矩、高精度、快速拧紧,从而在20N.m-2000N.m 范围内能充分发挥设备的性能,在一般情况下,一次拧紧时间稳定在20 秒内。


Capability Introduction
High Reliable System
The key control parts of Chunlong Tightening Machine are all brand ones imported from Germany and Japan, which has better adaptability to environments of vibration, impact, dust, humidity and electromagnetic interference. The service of these key components is guaranteed to be more than 1000000 times without losing tightening precision.

Multiple-Spindle Shift is able to meet tightening requirement of different work positions
The dynamic operation part can be designed into shift mechanism, which adjusts axle distance, axial direction and axle quantities of output spindle. Single synchronization adjustment of multi-spindle is done quickly. It is especially suitable for production line of small-lot and multi work position. The outstanding advantage is economical, practical and of multiple functions.

∷ High Torque-control Precision and Fast Tightening Speed
The system designs main control software (CLKZ2013) and monitoring software (NUT2013) elaborately and adopts antijamming measure to ensure high tightening torque precision.The tightening speed can be adjusted automatically according to softness and hardness of bolt material as well as tightness degree. Fast tightening of high torque, high precision is done without pre-tightening of pneumatic wrench.For torque of 20N.m-2000 N.m, the system can obtain optimum performance, Generally, each tightening is within 20 seconds.

∷ Convenient and Intuitive Human-machine Interface
The human-machine interface, a convenient human-machine interaction window for operator, adopts PC-PLC interactive workstation. The running state and live data of PLC can be displayed synchronously by Chinese characters, numbers and curves. Your required picture is called up in window menus form, only a click of which will help monitor, amend and set various parameters.