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Suspension Balance Lift System 吊挂平衡升降系统
∷  吊挂平衡升降系统
Suspension Balance Lift System
吊挂平衡升降系统主要由衔接钢构,横向及纵向滑轨组件,平衡升降装置等部分组成,具体设计可根据用户现场及要求确定,保证拧紧机在三维方向平稳、可靠,操作方便。平衡升降系统采用气缸+ 平衡器组件结构,气路元件采用进口产品,切断气源24 小时内下降高度不大于30mm。
Suspension Balance Lift System
Suspension Balance Lift System is mainly composed of connecting steel structure, vertical and horizontal slide components and balance lift device. Specific design is made according to customer’s site environment and
requirement, ensuring tightening machine’s smooth and reliable running threedimensionally. The structure of lift system is cylinder+balance components. Gas circuit elements are imported ones. Minimum decent height is less than 30mm within 24 hours after cutting off air supply.