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Planetary Gear Box 行星减速器
∷  行星减速器
Planetary Gear Box


型号:GJSQ80;减速比(Nin/Nout):54.08 ;输出扭矩范围(N.m):130-210;配套伺服电机功率(kW):0.75 ;
型号:GJSQ60;减速比(Nin/Nout):44.80;输出扭矩范围(N.m):60-105;配套伺服电机功率(kW):0.4 ;
型号:GJSQ60P;减速比(Nin/Nout):50.80;输出扭矩范围(N.m):60-120 ;配套伺服电机功率(kW):0.4; 
型号:JSQ200A;减速比(Nin/Nout):118.00;输出扭矩范围(N.m): 153;配套伺服电机功率(kW):0.4 ;
型号:JSQ10;减速比(Nin/Nout):41.50;输出扭矩范围(N.m): 53; 配套伺服电机功率(kW): 0.4;


利用3D HeliTopo 的设计分析技术,分别对齿面做齿形及导程修整,以降低齿轮对啮入及啮出的冲击和噪音,增加齿轮系的使用寿命。

Planetary Gear Box
Chunlong Planetary Gearbox features in compact structure, little size, light weight, low noise, high carrying ability and steadier meshing, the material of which is LC alloy steel, After carburizing and quenching technique, the surface of gear is harsh while the core is tough, Internationally advanced equipment also ensures high quality.

Serialization of planetary gearbox has been achieved to output torque as needed and to fit brands of servo motor.

Model:GJSQ120P;Reduction Ratio(Nin/Nout):58.13;Output Torque Range(N.m):500-1000;Coordinated Servo Motor Power(kW):3.0;
Model:GJSQ100;Reduction Ratio(Nin/Nout):48.29;Output Torque Range(N.m):230-700;Coordinated Servo Motor Power(kW):1-2.5;
Model:GJSQ80 ;Reduction Ratio(Nin/Nout):54.08 ;Output Torque Range(N.m):130-210 ;Coordinated Servo Motor Power(kW):0.75;
Model:GJSQ60  ;Reduction Ratio(Nin/Nout):44.80 ;Output Torque Range(N.m):60-105  ;Coordinated Servo Motor Power(kW):0.4 ;
Model:GJSQ60P   ;Reduction Ratio(Nin/Nout):50.80  ;Output Torque Range(N.m):60-120  ;Coordinated Servo Motor Power(kW):0.4 ;
Model:JSQ200A    ;Reduction Ratio(Nin/Nout):118.00   ;Output Torque Range(N.m):153   ;Coordinated Servo Motor Power(kW):0.4 ;
Model:JSQ10   ;Reduction Ratio(Nin/Nout):41.50    ;Output Torque Range(N.m):53    ;Coordinated Servo Motor Power(kW):0.4 ;

The transmission interference adopts needle bearing with no retainer in it to increase contact area, Structure
rigidness output torque is improved, Gear base material can be 30 HRc in hardness after heat treatment, After
achieving this hardness, carburization and quenching is processed again to get best anti-abrasion and impact
resistance performance.

The planetary carrier and output shaftare integral structure, Planetary gearadopts two-terminal bracing style, The
maximum torque and output loadingability is ensured.

With 3D Helitopo Analysis Technology, tooth shape and guiding stroke modification of tooth flank has been
done to reduce impact and noise of gear and prolong service life of gear train.