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 Assist Manipulator 助力机械手
∷  助力机械手
 Assist Manipulator
助力机械手用于汽车总装线、发动机缸体、缸盖机加工生产线上装配和加工零件时,通过气动平衡使重物悬浮在空中,手动控制代替人工施力进行重物的搬运和任意位置的准确定位。可适用于汽车仪表板、前围、蓄电池、轮胎、天窗、座椅、车门、挡风玻璃、发动机缸体、缸盖等装配和加工过程中的搬运。设备符合人体工程学的设计思想,可提供轻松、安全可靠的操作环境。根据工艺要求,可以实现零件的倾斜、翻转,抓取重量从30Kg 到300Kg,满足各个工业领域的应用。
 Assist Manipulator
Assist Manipulator is applied to carry heavy loads substituting labor in assembling and producing components of automobile assembly line and mechanical production line of motor cylinder body, cylinder cap. It fits the carrying and handling task in assembly and production process for automotive dashboard, seats, vehicle doors, storage batteries, windscreen, spare tire and top window. In conformity with ergonomics philosophy, it is able to provide easy and safe operation .Parts tilting and rolling –over can be achieved as per required techniques. Weight capacity is 30Kg to 300Kg.
It is applied in carrying heavy loads in automobile assembly line as well as mechanical production line of motor cylinder cap.