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Hoisting Gourd-shaped Assembly Line 吊装葫芦线
∷  吊装葫芦线
Hoisting Gourd-shaped Assembly Line
吊装葫芦线主要由电动机、传动机构、导轨、链轮、吊钩等组成。起重重量为0.25~80 吨;提升高度为3~30 米。可设计由人工按钮在地面操纵,也可设计为有线或无线远距离控制。
Hoisting Gourd-shaped Assembly Line
It is mainly composed of electromotor, drive mechanism, guide track, sprocket and lifting hook, with lifting capacity
of 0.25-80 Tons and hoisting height 3-30 Meters. It can be operated by pressing button with labor on the ground or
manipulated. The operation can be controlled by pressing button manually on the ground or it can be designed into
cable (wireless) remote control one.
It is used in hang installation and construction for plant,mine and building as well as mechanical operation for wharf, dock and warehouse.